flip1 [flıp] v past tense and past participle flipped present participle flipping
2¦(turn in the air)¦
4¦(turn a switch)¦
5¦(turn pages)¦
6 flip your lid
Phrasal verbs
 flip somebody<=>off
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from the sound]
1.) ¦(MOVE)¦ [I,T always + adverb/preposition]
to move something with a quick sudden movement so that it is in a different position
He flipped the top off the bottle and poured himself a drink.
She flipped the lid of the box open and looked inside.
flip over
He flipped the paper over and started writing on the back.
2.) ¦(TURN IN THE AIR)¦ [T]
to make a flat object such as a coin go upwards and turn over in the air
= ↑toss
We flipped a coin to see who would go first.
There's quite an art to flipping pancakes.
3.) ¦(ANGRY)¦ [i]informal
to suddenly become very angry or upset
= ↑lose it
I just flipped and started shouting.
4.) ¦(TURN A SWITCH)¦ [T]
to move a switch so that a machine or piece of electrical equipment starts or stops
= ↑flick
Anna flipped the switch that opened the front gate.
flip sth on/off
Josie flipped on the radio.
5.) ¦(TURN PAGES)¦ [I and T]
to turn the pages of a book or newspaper quickly, especially because you are looking for something
He picked up the newspaper and flipped straight to the sports pages.
flip through
I flipped through my address book but couldn't find her phone number.
6.) flip your lid informal
to suddenly become very angry
= ↑go crazy
Mom flipped her lid when she found out I was pregnant.
flip off [flip sb<=>off] phr v
also flip sb the bird
to make a rude sign at someone by lifting up your middle finger and keeping your other fingers down
flip 2
flip2 n
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: Filipino]
1.) an action in which you make a flat object such as a coin go upwards and turn over in the air
= ↑toss
In the end the decision was made by the flip of a coin .
2.) a movement in which you jump up and turn over in the air, so that your feet go over your head
I tripped and almost did a backward flip down the stairs.
3.) an action in which you turn the pages of a book or newspaper quickly, especially because you are looking for something
= ↑flick flip through
I had a quick flip through my cookery books and found a recipe that sounded quite nice.
flip 3
flip3 adj informal
not said or meant seriously
I was fed up with his flip comments.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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